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Pups on Handies Peak
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Thinking about getting a Black Lab?

Black Labradors are a very active and normally healthy dog. They love to play and frolic and enjoy the outdoors. Black lab health is very important to their owners. Just taking them for a walk once a day is what most people do and I don’t think that is enough for an active dog. If you took them to the park and played fetch a black labs health would greatly improve.

Labs are prone to a lot of conditions including hip dysplasia and ear problems. Vestibular disease, a disease of the inner ear, can cause stroke-like symptoms. The first thing that you need to do is see the vet. You still have a chance at reversing this if you see the vet early enough.

Labs are sometimes prone to ear infection, because their floppy ears trap warm moist air. This is easy to control, but needs regular checking to ensure that a problem is not building up unseen. A healthy Lab ear should look clean and light pink (almost white) inside. Darker pink (or inflamed red), or brownish deposits, are a symptom of ear infection. The usual treatment is regular cleaning daily or twice daily (being careful not to force dirt into the sensitive inner ear) and sometimes medication (ear drops) for major cases. As a preventative measure, some owners clip the hair carefully around the ear and under the flap, to encourage better air flow.

A good dog food with all of the healthy vitamins and nutrients are important in black lab health. Most importantly though is QUANTITY that is given. I know people like to spoil their pets and give them table scraps and treats all of the time, heck I do it. However I don’t think that you should let the dog eat as much as they want as that is bad for a black labs health. A cupful is all that is required for most sized black labs. Any more than that and they will just get fat.

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  1. Bruce Baker Apr 7th 2012

    Dear black dog mafia,
    My name is Bruce Baker and i love black dog mafia. I actually have a black lab and a black dog mafia shirt. I have been the bird boy at all of Wally Elliot’s hunt test at his farm in Mullins. But i was curious as to if you could send me some stickers. Me and a few of my buddies would love to get some stickers to put on our stuff. Its a very good marketing technique. Please let me know if you could help me out!

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